Dance Class

dance-class Dance classes are available on Fridays

Toddler Music & Movement is from 9:15 am-10 am.

Toddler Music & Movement is for children ages 2-3 (Child must be 2 years old by first class)

Children are not required to be potty trained and there is no recital performance.

Children must wear comfortable loose fitting play clothing (no jeans please) and have bare feet.  Absolutely no socks or tights are allowed on floor for safety reasons.

The children will warm up, play musical games, use musical instruments, props and then cool down again.  The children will learn simple signing, dancing, movement games and activities that promote balance, motor control and coordination.

Preschool Music & Dance is from 10 am-10:45 am.

The Preschool Music & Dance class is a fun way for children ages 3-5 to explore movement through music, develop motor skills, coordination, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity.

Using music through out the class with props like streamers, maracas and other aides, the learning experience is fun and intriguing.

Through movement, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other. Creative movement activities encourage all children to participate.

Both boys and girls will enjoy these classes.  We require that children are fully potty trained before enrolling in the Preschool Music & Dance Class.

Classes begin the second week of September and end with a recital the second week of May.  Dance class and the recital are held in The Little Red School House’s “Great Room”.

Parents are encouraged to allow their child to enter the class room and experience the class without them.  Parents are encouraged to remove themselves from the class as quickly as they are able to.

Student Observation

Parents, Guardians and Friends are allowed to view their students in classes during the first week of classes during the months of October, December, February and April.  Observation is not allowed at any other time unless approved by Rebecca Palmer

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